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  1. 1. Introduction:

Before going straight to what benefits that a fresh young coconut could bring to you, we’d like to give you a quick introduction about this special fruit so you could have an overall understanding about it. A fresh young coconut meat is very soft and rich-tasting; it is being created from the coconut palm tree.



A Fresh young coconut’s meat is very soft and rich-tasting

Before they are fully grown, coconuts have a green color with a very hard shell from the outside. The juice from young coconuts is a perfect hydrating beverage, while its young meat can be mixed with the juice for extra texture and flavor.

  1. 2. Benefits that you could have from a Fresh young coconut:
  2. a) Help to prevent Constipation disease

With more than 07 grams from a 1- cup serving of fresh young coconut, you will have a sufficient amount of dietary fiber that will make your stools softer, which is very good for your digestive system. A diet high in fiber can reduce the risk of or treat hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and constipation. In order to do so, an adult will need between 21 and 38 grams per day.


Fresh young coconut is very good for your digestive system

  1. b) Provide healthy Fats for your body

A fresh young coconut meat has a very rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which is different from other saturated fats (animal fats is an example). According to a scientific research recently, the medium-chain fatty acids from coconuts can be consumed directly to the body as fuel, unlike like other saturated fats. In the conclusion, the coconut fats provide more benefits that you could imagine.

  1. c) Nutritional benefit from a fresh young Coconut Meat

Raw coconut meat can be easily acquired from Asian grocers either frozen or fresh green coconut. From a raw young coconut meat, you will have over 37 grams of water per 1-cup serving that provide 283 calories for your body. Inside that 1-cup serving, you will have 26.8 grams of coconut fat, over 12 grams of carbohydrate and around 5 grams of sugars.


Fresh young coconut provides more benefits that you could imagine

  1. d) Mineral and Vitamin Supply

Same as coconut water, a fresh young coconut meat will give you a source of potassium and sodium, around 285 and 16 milligrams per 1-cup serving. Potassium and sodium could help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level if you could balance these important factors. Coconut meat also provides a number of B vitamins that might help your body make energy from food and assist to create more red blood cells.

  1. e) Coconut water helps to fight against Age and Skin problems

According to some scientific researches, the Cytokinins from Coconut water helps to regulate the cell growth and their divisions, which can minimize the aging of skin cells, balance PH levels, and keep the connective tissues strong and hydrated. By simply applying Coconut Water onto affected skin areas every night before going to bed may help with age spots, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, etc.


Coconut water helps to fight against Age and Skin problems


With so many great benefits from a fresh young coconut, there is no reason to stop you from getting one coconut every day for a better life. Let’s give it a try!

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