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Fresh Young Coconut

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Fresh Young Coconut is an organic fresh fruit and whole year round in Vietnam. Our fresh young coconut has been exported to many countries around the world such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, China, U.A.E and Middle East...


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Fresh Young Coconut areas in Vietnam

If you travel along Vietnam, you can see many fresh young coconuts and coconut trees in the countrysides, especially along the beaches. However, there are two main areas planting coconuts for exporting: Ben Tre and next provinces in the Southern and Tam Quan district, Binh Dinh privince in the Centre of Vietnam.

Ben Tre is calles as capital of fresh young coconut and many products of coconuts in Vietnam because of the quantity and quality of the coconuts. Fresh young coconuts here are very sweet, and old coconuts (semi husked coconuts) have thick flesh. Almost fresh young coconuts that Song Nam ITD packing for exportation are from Ben Tre province, just two hours by car from our office in Ho Chi Minh city.


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Fresh Young Coconut packing

The variety of coconut for packing fresh young coconut is Xiem (Thai) coconut with its perfect taste. The fresh young coconuts are not too young or too old. They must be young enough for fresh young coconut packing.


There are three main packing standards: original fresh young coconut, flat cut fresh young coconut and diamond shape fresh young coconut. The diamond shape is the most required for fresh young coconut exportation.


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Fresh young coconuts are often packed 9 (mostly) or 12 nuts per carton.

Container 20RF : 850 cartons 9 nuts

Container 40HR : 2050 carton 9 nuts

Fresh Young Coconut storage and shelf life

Fresh young coconut must be kept in cold temperatures. Best storage is +5 degree celcious.

Our fresh young coconut shelf life is 60 days in cold temperatures (+50C ).


Fresh Young Coconut exportation capacity

Our capacity of fresh young coconut is 4 containers per week.

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