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Pepper is a flowering creeper cultivated mainly for fruit and seed, often used as a dry or fresh seasoning. In addition, pepper is grown everywhere from the South to the North, most in the provinces of Ha Tien, Chau Doc, and Ba Ria. And other countries with high pepper production are Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Hainan Island (China), and Cambodia.

Pepper is a kind of vines, long, smooth, hairless, clinging to other plants with roots. Pepper is a flowering creeper. Leaves like betel leaves, but long and tapering. There are two types of branches: a branch bearing fruit, and a nutritional branch, both branched from the leaf.


Pepper, which is believed by everyone

Pepper has a small sphere, about 20-30 fruits in a bunch, initially green, the latter is yellow, when ripe is red. From this fruit can be harvested white pepper, red pepper, green pepper and black pepper. The fruit has a single grain.

  1. II. The harvest black pepper
  2. 1. Harvest time

After flowering and fruiting, black pepper usually takes from 8- 10 months to nine, depending on the weather conditions vary that time may change. Normally, pepper in the Central Highlands and South East will be harvested in February or March, while in the North Central Coast and Central Coast, the harvest will be in April or May.


A pepper garden in Viet Nam

  1. 2. Harvesting techniques

Black pepper is usually harvested manually and divided into 2 or 3 batches per crop. Farmers should pick up the bunch when the fruit is ripe, does not pick up the bunches still green unless the last batch of crops, because early picking, pepper will be squeezed.

Before harvesting, the farmers should clean the grass so that the picking process is convenient and at the same time spread under the canopy so that the collection is easier, not worry about falling out.

  1. III. Prepare black pepper properly

Black pepper is evaluated for quality when it has a moisture content of 12-31%, black and evenly wrinkled. Therefore the technique of processing black pepper properly as follows:

To reduce the level of contamination and commercial black pepper is beautiful, before drying should be peppered with hot water 80-90°C within 1-2 minutes, then mix them out to cool the drain and bring to dry. Instead of dipping pepper in hot water, when the sun is drying, 3-4 hours into the afternoon to collect pepper and use canvas sealed overnight, the temperature in the pepper can reach 60-70°C.


Pepper is a plant that attracts farmers

Dry bamboo shoots, canvas or cement yard, drying tools and yard need to be cleaned before each drying, using nets around the drying area to avoid animals in the drying area. If the sun is sunny 3-4 days, the moisture content of seeds after drying must be less than 13%, the product after drying is called black pepper. Can use rice dryer, corn dryer, coffee drying to dry, keep the stable temperature in the drying room about 55-60 °C, clean the drying chamber before each drying.

After drying, pepper should be cleaned with impurities (soil, stone, branches, stems and fruit bunches) by sieving, blowing to obtain dry black pepper before being stored and consumed. Pepper storage containers should not contain chemicals, fertilizers and other products, isolated from cattle, rodents and pests. Regularly check the repository to detect and handle abnormal manifestations.

  1. IV. Benefits of black pepper

Black pepper is high in fiber and has moderate levels of protein and carbohydrate. In addition, minerals such as manganese, copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin C, K, and B6 are abundant in black pepper. Black pepper has many uses such as: used for spices and medicines and can preserve food. Black pepper also has many other effects such as anti-inflammatory, improve digestion, weight loss, skin care, cold treatment and cough, and reduce sinusitis and stuffiness. Especially, black pepper also protects against infections and insect bites, reduce atherosclerosis, prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease and liver problems. Enhance bioavailability and improve cognitive function. It also treats peptic ulcer and prevents asthma.


Black pepper is a gift for health

So adding a little black pepper to each meal will help improve both taste and digestion. It also improves your overall health and happiness.

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