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I. The situation of dragon fruit importer in Viet Nam

In fact, Vietnam country has the fruit strength that not every country has. Especially, Dragon fruit is a commodity that is imported from many countries such as Asia, Europe and America. Moreover, the demand for dragon fruits in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines has also increased in recent years. Some Asian countries not influenced by Chinese culture, such as Japan, Korea... are also increasingly interested in dragon fruit due to the health benefits that dragon fruit brings.

Dragon fruit is classified as a group of 12 main fruit trees and one of the nine major crops of Vietnam with competitive advantages in the world market. An area of growing dragon fruit in Vietnam is about 37,000 ha; Binh Thuan province has the largest area in the country with 27,000 hectares, the annual output reaches about 500,000 tons (80% of the country's dragon fruit output).

Dragon fruit importer 1

A dragon fruit farmer in Binh Thuan

II. The process of dragon fruit production

Preliminary processing and packing of dragon fruit. The process consists of three stages:

Firstly, raw materials are dragon fruit from gardeners, collectors to buy supplies to the cooperative. Secondly, the dragon fruit will be classified into two categories:

+ type 1: dragon fruit weight> = 460gr / fruit

+ type 2: dragon fruit weighing 300gr <left <460gr

Finally, at the same time, workers will remove the dragon fruit that does not meet export standards such as lam, fungus, sprained, parasite.

After the dragon fruit has been classified, the workers will wipe the smoke, dirty, dirty, and click the scabbard dragon (in the case of dragon stick large, pointed). Next, the fruit is washed through the water with fruit preservatives (Umikai) to keep the fruit fresh, longer time.

Dragon fruit importer 2

Dragon fruit factory in Viet Nam

The dragon fruit after the preliminary stage, the workers will arrange the fruit, using the fan to dry the fruit. Then the fruit will be put into the nylon wrapper around the hole, which helps the fruit to escape, dry. After processing, the dragon fruit will be packed into the bucket according to the size and weight required by customers. After the above steps, the dragon fruit will be transferred to cold storage for storage, delivery to customers and transferred to the country dragon fruit importer. In each stage, workers will self-cleaning by each stage of the product, ensuring hygiene.

III. Benefits from dragon fruit importer

Dragon fruit not only brought good life for farmers but also created jobs, creating the stable income for tens of thousands of workers. In addition, the material life of the spirit is greatly enhanced than before. Moreover, dragon fruit growing has led to a series of economic activities, industrial services, logistics processing, packaging, transportation... developed according to.

When dragon fruit is imported, which has a lot of benefits such as bringing the largest revenue for Vietnam, expanding diplomatic relations between countries, especially dragon fruit importers and raising the reputation of Vietnam in general and the provinces of dragon fruit in particular. This can be exported to other fastidious markets, thereby increasing production and domestic prices, helping to improve the lives of farmers.

IV. The advantage of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a flower like an explosion of flame and a fruit like a pink rosebud, it is also one of nature’s most unique plants.

Dragon fruit importer 3

The attractiveness of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit not only has a beautiful color, sweet and bar taste that attracts consumers, but it also has many health benefits such as dragon fruit is low in calories, offers numerous nutrients, for example, dragon fruit contains vitamin C, B vitamins, protein, antioxidants and so on. Dragon fruit promotes healthy blood and tissue formation, strengthens bones and teeth, and the immune system heals bruises and wounds faster. In addition, it also helps people have a beautiful skin, the spirit is always comfortable and so on. Because of the positive effects, dragon fruit is trusted by the users. Not only domestic users but also attract international users, so dragon fruit is a product trusted by the dragon fruit importers.

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