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Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

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Red flesh dragon originated from Taiwan Branch Company In Vietnam Vegetables in Lang Son trials , initial results are evaluated fairly . This tree has many fruits, red flesh, taste sweet (sugar 16-18 % ) , high levels of nutrients , vitamins and minerals ... Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Institute of Vegetables allowed for private pilot plant like a large scale.

This fruit has 3 types : red flesh dragon fruit red skin , white flesh dragon fruit red skin , white flesh dragon fruit yellow skin , are Hylocereas international name , scientific name H. undatus Britton & Rose , S. Megelanthus moran . Taiwan Seed dragon has four categories :

* White and red skin + Guts : A Variety of Vietnam was brought to Taiwan in 1988.

* Gut and red skin white : Field from Mexico , was brought to Taiwan in 1995.

* Guts White + gold shell : imported from Mexico ,

* Red skin ( is present in all ).

Red flesh dragon fruits which are more adapted to light , high light , increased sugar level , appropriate temperature from 15 - 35 ° C , if the temperature below which plants will grow slower or no growth is . So take advantage of planting the south and east , where the land is flat and more light . As anti -term crops appropriate to the type of soil or rock mountain fences in rural and coastal areas , soil particles stick rate of 20 % , 40 % sand , 40 % soil particles will help the dragon fruit tree to absorpt nutrient , monthly rainfall from 50 - 100mm , the tree will grow and develop well .

Planting techniques and care

Soil and fertilizer

* With plain : Use 600 - 1000kg manure / lime powder form and adaptation, as well as other organic matter to improve soil .

* For the slopes : less than 15 degrees slope to hoe wide in lower outer side 10 - 15cm to retain water erosion .

* For land hills : Top 15 in each clump clump spacing of 2m x 2m .

* For ground limestone gravel : Each hole must have a diameter of 1 meter or more , depth 30cm , crushed stone around to using borrow 50 % , 30 % fine sand , 20 % compost and lime at powder for down hole .

* Noting herbicide with herbicide , not spray on and around the tree roots . When tree roots have been half a year , then the entire ground not use herbicide , should be to reduce grass cover up .

How to grow and care

* Planting distance : 2.5 x 2.5 m , six 5 - 10cm , pit planting pylons ( cement column may or wood ) , each hole from 4-8 seedlings around the column.

To dragon trees thrive and achieve high yields to cover up to keep careful not to damage the roots by the sun , due to waterlogging , wind storm ... At the same time undercut the tree can not grow sprout and flower and fruit breaks down monitor flowering and result , each branch ought to 3-4 results . Need hot against the newly planted seedlings . Every year before the winter , when added to potassium fertilizer for plants against cold , concealed and to retain moisture , etc. ..

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