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I. Characteristics of the longan

The longan is tropical and subtropical. The longan is grown in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The fruit tree has been developed in recent years due to its high economic efficiency. In particular, the fruit contains multiple nutritious, can be eaten fresh, dried or canned.

The longan can be as high as 10 - 5m for the longan in the North. Also in South Vietnam can be raised from 6-7m in Vinh Chau, Soc Trang. In it, the flowers have five wings, white and yellow. Recently, with the application of new technical measures, some varieties in Tien Giang have been blooming for 2 crops per year, especially for varieties of longan.
In light conditions, the longan like to live in the sun, so if planted it will give less fruit. Only the branches receive full sunshine for good results.

The necessary  information about the longan 1

The garden longan in Viet Nam

Wide adaptability, can be grown on many types of soil from freshwater year round. However, the good-living longan has sandy soil, sandy soil, rolling soil and river alluvial soil.

Some varieties of precious longans have very high economic value. The longan can be eaten fresh, dried or processed into precious medicine in Oriental medicine and specialty foods such as longan tea ... The longan is a source of bee for high quality. However, in order to exploit the economic potential of the longan, it is necessary to have appropriate care measures to longan high productivity and good quality. Every year, the longan needs a large number of nutrients for blooming and growing fruit. Without regular fertilizers, trees that are prone to exhaustion the following year will produce poor fruit or fruit. Therefore, the annual nutritional supplement for the longan is very necessary.

The tree care should be based on the following:

- Age and growth.
- Fertilizer demand at each stage of growth.
- Purpose of use of fertilizer.

Growers need to have a technical impact so that many new harvesters have the opportunity for high productivity and limited fruit production. Different fertilization regimens should be established for each plant growth and depending on the age of the plow.

II. The nutrition of longan

The longan is a popular fruit of summer in some Asian countries, which can be eaten fresh or dried. This fruit is sweet, easy to eat and good for health. The use of fruit longan as:

The necessary  information about the longan 2

The longan has more nutritious

The longan is a fruit rich in vitamin C. In 100 g of the longan contains 84 mg of this nutrient, providing 93% of the recommended daily vitamin C for men and 100% for women.

Vitamin C in the longan is also useful in fighting the flu, boosting the immune system.

1. Strengthen the joints

100 g of the fresh longan will provide 19%, while 100 g of the dry longan contains up to 807 mg of copper, providing 90% of the adult copper should be added to the body every day.

2. Rich in iron

The longan can help increase the amount of iron available to the body, with each 100g dry longan containing 5 mg, equivalent to 62% of the daily iron requirement for men and 28% for women.

3. Prevent eye problems

Fresh 100g longans provide 0.14 mg riboflavin, while 100 g dry longan provides 0.5 mg.

4. Reduce stress, depression

The longan stimulates the spleen and heart to function effectively, rejuvenating the blood circulation, providing a soothing effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and fatigue. They also help treat depression, insomnia, and depression.

III. Note when eating the longan

The label is good for health, but otherwise it can cause many side effects if you eat it incorrectly.

The necessary  information about the longan 3

Some harm of the longan

1. Can cause fetal derangement

According to health experts, pregnant women with poor health, or hot in the body or constipation, mouth bitter, should not eat longans, especially when pregnant 7-8 months. This fruit can cause heat, abdominal pain, bleeding, even fatal damage to maternal and fetal health.

2. Hot in the body

Eating too many longans in the summer can cause your body to heat up, causing heat, acne.

3. Weight gain, blood glucose

The longan contains quite high sugar content, so eating a lot of longans can increase the amount of sugar in the body, causing weight gain. Consuming 300 g is equivalent to 1.5 servings of rice you eat each day.
In addition, eating a lot of labels at once makes dangerous to health, which has increased blood sugar levels. Therefore, people with diabetes should not or should not eat the label.

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