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I. General information about Vietnamese papper product

Vietnam currently has about 200 pepper processing and trading companies, of which 15 are leading enterprises, accounting for 70% of the country's exports. In particular, there are five foreign-invested enterprises, accounting for nearly 30% of the export market share. Vietnamese papper products are mainly exported, accounting for 95%, domestic accounts for 5%. Pepper processing technology in Vietnam has reached the standards of the world market in general. Enterprises having high technology processing factories according to ASTA, ESA, JSSA standards have created diversified products: black pepper, whole white beans, ground pepper, small packing. But in general, Vietnamese papper products are mainly exported raw, lower value than the price of India, Malaysia.

Vietnamese pepper products - High potential  items 1

A papper garden in Phu Quoc

Normally, Vietnamese papper products are seasoned in dry or fresh form. With aromatic flavor, spicy pepper special is an irreplaceable spice. Black pepper is used most, they are an indispensable spice in the kitchen of every family. White peppercorns are white, they are often used in cream sauces, in dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, China. White pepper for salad, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes... substitute for black pepper, which makes the dish more beautiful. Blue pepper produces a distinct flavor, slightly spicy, and deodorizes a variety of foods. Spicy and spicy dishes thanks to green pepper. Green peppers are used to cook dishes such as green peppers, green peppers, green peppers, etc.

II. Pepper products

1. Salt pepper

Pepper green pepper is made from the unripe pepper. After picking, carefully separate the Vietnamese papper products to avoid breaking, stamping the fruit. The pepper (green pepper) is soaked in vinegar and salt to keep the natural green and crispy green pepper. Delicacies are delicious flavors consumers accept.

Vietnamese pepper products - High potential  items 2

Papper- product is good for health

2. Black pepper

Total fruit pulp consists of peel and seeds that are dried to a moisture content of 13%. Black pepper is black with the wrinkled seed coat, white pepper, or black pepper. Older ripe buds are separated from the outer shell and then dried. The white finished product is round grain white ivory.

3. Pepper oil

Essential oils, extracted from pepper by means of steam distillation. It is a natural, translucent liquid, green to yellowish green

4. Oleoresin resin oil

Also known as peppermint oil, is a concentrated extract by extraction with conventional solvents or extraction at high temperatures. Oleoresin is a mixture of essential oils, resins, and compounds such as piperine alkaloid. Pepper oil is full of the flavor characteristics of spicy pepper

5. Pepper powder

Dried peppercorns are crushed in different sizes depending on the requirements of the consumer. Recent low temperature melting technologies has been applied to avoid the loss of volatile aromatics when grinding pepper. Low-temperature Vietnamese papper products also remove bacteria and mold.

Vietnamese pepper products - High potential  items 3

Pepper, which favorite products of every home

6. Green pepper dehydrated

This is a product made from green pepper, by treating the seeds at high temperatures to neutralize the action of the enzymes that make the seeds brown. Green pepper is heat treated and then dried or dried at the controlled temperature, thus retaining the natural green color as harvested. After soaking in water, these Vietnamese papper products will recover theirs shape and color similar to green pepper when harvested.

7. Green pepper improves

To overcome the physical deficiencies and the taste of green pepper dehydration, to overcome the disadvantage of packaging costs of salt-pickled green pepper, people have made improvements in green pepper processing. To produce this improved green pepper, the green pepper is washed in water, the next step is to soak in salt water for 2-3 months, flush out the juice and can to market.

8. Green pepper freeze

A premium green pepper product is prepared by drying green pepper to a moisture content of about 4% at a temperature of minus 30-40 ° C under vacuum conditions. The color, aroma and physical properties of green pepper are much better than that of green pepper dried in sunlight or dehydrated by drying. This product can be kept at room temperature. Once moistened again, the Vietnamese papper products are like freshly harvested green pepper.

Vietnamese pepper products - High potential  items 4

Green pepper freeze

9. Red pepper

When Vietnamese papper products are completely ripe, the color of the pepper turns from green to red. Red is very attractive compared to black or ivory white. To process red pepper, harvest Vietnamese papper products when many fruits in ripe fruit are ripe. These fruits are carefully separated from the fruit bunch. The remaining fruits are incubated for 2-3 days until the red color is further processed into the red pepper. The red pepper after being separated from the fruit must be processed during the day. The red color of the pepper is retained by soaking the pepper and saline or salt and vinegar with food preserves. Then the pepper can be dehydrated like the dehydration process of green pepper.

10. Perfume with black pepper

A warm and tender aroma, characteristic of black pepper. Black pepper aroma brings a sense of excitement, warmth, pleasant and fun.

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