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I. Introduction to bananas

In our country, banana is fruits of high yield and area. With an area accounting for 19% of the total area of fruit trees in Vietnam annually, the output is about 1.4 million tons. Vietnam is a tropical country and one of the country's banana, from north to south, copper As well as the mountains, where and every season there are bananas. Banana plants in Vietnam are vegetables, fruit, food and food. The annual output of banana is quite good. In addition to domestic consumption, we also export a large amount.

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Lychee fruit, a member of the genus Litchi belongs to the soapberry family – Sapindaceae. It is also known as a small tropical fruit has other names such as litchi or lichee. In Guangdong and Fujian of China, it is a tropical native and cultivated from 1059 AD. It has a relative relationship with longan or rambutan; however, it is grown in subtropical regions throughout the world such as India, Indonesia, Israel, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S., and especially has popularity in China and Southeast Asia. Lychee has loose clusters ranging from 3-50 fruits grow on a tree, and round to oval shape.

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I. General information about Vietnamese papper product

Vietnam currently has about 200 pepper processing and trading companies, of which 15 are leading enterprises, accounting for 70% of the country's exports. In particular, there are five foreign-invested enterprises, accounting for nearly 30% of the export market share. Vietnamese papper products are mainly exported, accounting for 95%, domestic accounts for 5%. Pepper processing technology in Vietnam has reached the standards of the world market in general. Enterprises having high technology processing factories according to ASTA, ESA, JSSA standards have created diversified products: black pepper, whole white beans, ground pepper, small packing. But in general, Vietnamese papper products are mainly exported raw, lower value than the price of India, Malaysia.

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When seeing the word “Rambutan”, I am sure that you are wondering how to pronounce that word exactly and /ræmˈbuːtn/ is the right way to pronounce it. Rambutan (or Nephelium lappaceum in scientifically) is a tropical fruit and belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It is not familiar to people from the Western mostly because it is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia and cultivated other regions of Southeast Asia including Viet Nam. In fact, the name “Rambutan” is spelled like rambotan, ramboutan, rambustan, and ramboetan because “rambut” means hair in a native language. This refers to the numerous hairy protrusions of this fruit. Vietnamese also called “Chom chom” to mean its messy hair – the spines that its skin covered.

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I. Characteristics of the longan

The longan is tropical and subtropical. The longan is grown in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The fruit tree has been developed in recent years due to its high economic efficiency. In particular, the fruit contains multiple nutritious, can be eaten fresh, dried or canned.

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