Banana – high value products

I. Introduction to bananas

In our country, banana is fruits of high yield and area. With an area accounting for 19% of the total area of fruit trees in Vietnam annually, the output is about 1.4 million tons. Vietnam is a tropical country and one of the country’s banana, from north to south, copper As well as the mountains, where and every season there are bananas. Banana plants in Vietnam are vegetables, fruit, food and food. The annual output of banana is quite good. In addition to domestic consumption, we also export a large amount.

Banana garden in Vietnam

The variety of banana in Vietnam is very diverse with many varieties of banana, it scattered throughout the provinces in the country. Vietnamese banana varieties are not only abundant in size and taste, but also have very different uses.

II. Ecological characteristics of banana trees

Bananas are plants with underground stems. The main body lying under the soil called a banana. The above is only a false manuscript made from the leaves. Banana trees average about 3 – 5 m. Just like a wax banana up to 10 m.

The banana has broad leaves that grow symmetrically through the ribs. The leaf blade is 0.35-1 mm thick, with the tendons parallel to each other and perpendicular to the main rib. A good growing banana tree usually has 10-15 leaves. Of which 4-5 leaves on top are the strongest photosynthesis. Many banana leaves may be 70cm wide and 2-3m long.
Flower buds in the top and then forming the chamber. In the chamber, there are many small flowers. Many banana blossoms can count up to 19,000. Flowers are two rows in the form of twists to form a banana. Many areas are called banana stands, banana branches.

Banana trees are harvested

Banana leaves hanging on each floor. Each layer (called noodles) has up to 20 berries. The bindings around a shaft are called a chamber, weighing 30-50 kg. Each fruit has its own shell around soft meat. Shell and meat are edible in fresh or processed form. In the same vein, the fruit in the upper row is larger than the fruit in the bottom row. Some bananas ripen when they turn yellow.

III. The economic value of banana trees

In the world, the banana is a tropical plant grown in many countries and regions, and also accounts for a significant share of global fruit and vegetable trade. Banana exports ranked first by volume and second in value, after oranges in the world’s fruit export structure. Along with rice, wheat, cereals, bananas are also one of the staples of many developing countries.

IV. Nutritional value of banana

Bananas are popular because they are easy to eat. Health benefits of banana

This gracious yellow fruit gives us many health benefits such as potassium, pectin, magnesium, vitamins C and B6. Thanks to the high levels of vitamin B6, bananas help reduce swelling, support type 2 diabetes, lose weight, strengthen the nervous system and produce white blood cells. In addition, bananas are rich in antioxidants, providing protection against the free radicals that we normally encounter every day in the sun, moisturizing skin.

Supports control of gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, peptic ulcer, and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Some studies also suggest that green leafy lectins may support the treatment of HIV disease. Banana ripen, the higher the nutritional level.

Quality and taste of bananas

Bananas are good for the heart because they are high in potassium, an electrolyte that keeps the electricity running in the body, helping the heart to function properly. According to the FDA, the high levels of potassium and low sodium of banana helps protect the cardiovascular system from high blood pressure.

Tryptophan (the substance that turns into serotonin, the neurotransmitter that gives rise to the state of excitement) of bananas is known for its ability to sleep and is very useful in helping you overcome depression. Not only that, other minerals in banana like vitamin B6 will help you sleep well and magne will help to relax muscles.

Bananas are high in fiber, which helps protect you against type 2 diabetes and supports weight loss in banana as vitamin B6. In general, bananas are a great diet food because they are sweet and solid, suitable for you to crave sugar.

Bananas are also rich in starch, resistant starch is a type of starch is not digested and easily absorbed in the small intestine, so the rate of increase in blood sugar is not high, help control blood sugar, increase production Short-chain fatty acids promote liver health.

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