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Green Seedless Lime

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There are 2 kinds of Vietnam green limes for exportation: green seedless lime and green seed lime.

Seedless lime

Seedless lime has planted in Vietnam about more than 10 years ago, but now we have premium seedless lime almost all year round to export.  Vietnam seedless lime shelf life is more than 1 month in a good condition (+5 degree celcius), so it can be exported by sea to EU, Middle East, ASEAN. Our main markets are Dubai UAE, Oman and Thailand.

Standard requirements of seedless lime for exportation

    • Normal sizes of seedless limes for exporting are 10-20 pieces per kg. The other sizes, less than 10 and more than 20, are not so much.
    • Seedless limes are packed 3.5/4/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/10 kg per carton.
    • Storage : seedless lime should be storaged at +5 degree celcius.
    • Shlf life of seedless lime: 4-6 weeks
    • Season of Vietnam seedless lime: almost all year round.

Seed lime

Vietnam seed lime can also be exported to many markets such as Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao … both by sea or by trucking. Seed lime is often cheaper than seedless lime. However seed lime has more water inside than seed lime, and the skin of seed lime is thinner than seedless lime, so the shelf life of seed lime is often shorter than seed less lime.

Standard requirements of seed lime for exportation

  • Size: 15-30 seed lime per kg
  • Packing: 8/10 kg per carton or 20kg per bag/brasket.
  • Storage : best storaged at +5 degree celcius.
  • Season of Vietnam seed lime: almost all year round.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed discussions and quotations.


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