Vietnamese Black Pepper And White Pepper


Before 2001, the power of pepper productions belonged to two countries : India and Indonesia. Up 2002  to now, This power has been passed onto Vietnam, and Vietnam has become the largest country of pepper export (International Pepper Community 2016).

At present, Vietnamese pepper is available more than 100 countries and borders, occupies nearly by 60% of pepper supply in the world. It is surely said that Vietnamese pepper plays an important role in adjustment of globally pepper supply.

There are two main kinds of pepper corn: black pepper and white pepper. Song Nam ITD can supply black pepper whole year round and white pepper as costumer’s request.


Black pepper is harvested when almost ripe and dried naturally in the sunlight. Its skin turns black so called as black pepper.

a. Black pepper nutrition    

Black pepper is not only popular spice for food, but also is a medical source for traditional medicine. Out of piperine, is made of special odor, pepper also contains iron, calcium, potassium,  manganese, zinc, chromium, Vitamin A, C and other nutrition. It is recommended that pepper should be often used in the meal to achieve the following benefits :

–       Enhance the nutrition conversion.

–       Improve digestive activities

–       Stimulate appetite

–       Support in reduce of weight

–       Treat arthritis

–       Prevent from cancer

–       Protect us from depression thanks to serotonin production to relief stress

b. Black pepper shelf life

The shelf life of black pepper is 2 years, so that we can keep black pepper in storage for exportation whole year round.

c. Black pepper varieties

The following black pepper varieties we normally export to worldwide:

  • Black pepper 500 g/l  FAQ
    •  – Pepper Density           : 500 g/l min
    •  – Moisture                      : 13.5 % max
    •  – Admixture                   : 1% max
    •  – Packing in 25/50  kgs PP or as per buyers’ requirements
  • Black pepper 550 g/l FAQ
    •  – Pepper Density           : 550 g/l min
    •  – Moisture                      : 13.5 % max
    •  – Admixture                   : 1% max
    •  – Packing in 25/50 kgs PP bags or as per buyers’ requirements


Removing the outer layer of black pepper before or after drying to get white pepper corn. White pepper spice is hotter than black pepper and it needs a special processing to produce, so white pepper price is always much more higher than black pepper price.

We often export white pepper double washed with following specifications

  • White pepper double washed
    •  – Pepper Density           : 600-630 g/l min
    •  – Moisture                      : 13.5% max
    •  – Admixture                   : 0.2% max
    •  – Black seeds                : 2% max
    •  – Packing in 25/50 kgs of PP bags


Black pepper and white pepper are two main pepper productions. However we can also supply some other kinds of pepper productions including light berries pepper, pin head pepper, pepper powder and others in accordance with buyers’ requirements.
Pin head pepper specifications
– Moisture : 13.5 %
– Above mesh 1.5 mm , 90%
– Packing in 30 kg PP bags


Our capacityof pepper exportation is 8 containers of black pepper per month, whole year round. For white pepper and other pepper productions, we can prepare and supply as per buyer’s requirements.

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