Keo mango from Vietnam

Keo mango was originally from Ta Keo, Cambodia. Now Keo mango is grown in some border provinces of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Keo mango tastes sweet and sour. Keo mango is rich of vitamin A, C and D.

If you like sour taste and crunch, you can eat Keo mango when it matures. If you like sweet taste, you should eat keo mango when it is ripen.

Fresh Keo mango

Keo mango varieties:

There are 2 varieties of Keo mango is green keo mango with green skin and yellow keo mango with yellow skin. The yellow keo mango is made by covering the young keo mango from the sun light during the growing of the fruits, till harvesting. So yellow keo mango is more expensive than green keo mango.

Green Keo mango

Yellow Keo mango

Weight of keo mango

Each Keo mango is about 250g to 600g. Normal (medium) size of keo mango is about 3 fruits per kg. Small size of keo mango is about 4 fruits per kg.

Sweetness of keo mango

Brix of marture keo mango is from 15 to 19.

Keo mango season

Keo mango season is almost whole year round for both Vietnamese and Combodia material areas. However the most quantity will be from October to April.

Fresh Keo mango packing

Fresh Keo mango should be harvested and packaged into cartons or plastic baskets and put in cold condition at the same day.

Keo mango packing with paper and foam.

Shelf life of fresh Keo mango

With room temperature (about 25oC), a matured keo mango will be ripen within 2days, and should be used. If too ripen, the flesh will be too soften and rotten.

To keep Keo mango for longer time, it should be kept in cold condition from +8oC to +12oC. More matured keo mango, lower temperature. If we put young keo mango in cold condition, its skin will be “cold burn”, and wrinkle. If we put too matured keo mango in high temperature, it will be ripen fast.

With right condition and refreshing aii regularly, shelf life of keo mango can last for 4 weeks since harvesting.

Keep fresh Keo mango in a cold condition for long shelf life

Health benefits of Keo mango

Mango is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with a distinct flavor, fragrance, taste, and health-promoting properties for the human body.

* Keo mango is rich in fiber, essential vitamins and minerals.

* Keo mango help provide nutrients to the human body.

* Keo mango brings many great benefits to the digestive system, cardiovascular system, help bright eyes, beautify skin …

Markets of Keo mango

Keo mango is consumed in domestic market and exporting markets such as: China, Hongkong, Russia, Korea, Singapore …

Loading keo mango upon container

Looking for Vietnamese Keo mango exporter

Song Nam ITD is one of the best exporter of Keo mango in Vietnam. With the long term cooperation of farmers, packing houses, logistic, Song Nam has set up a direct trustful supply chain of Keo mango from Southern border provinces of Vietnam to China. And we are the pioneer to supply Keo mango from Vietnam to Russia by truck.

Our volume of Keo mango is 2-3 containers per day. We can pack and load Keo mango weekly or daily, almost whole year round.

Song Nam Keo mango packing house

For more information:

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