Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

Red flesh dragon fruit originated from Taiwan Branch Company In Vietnam Vegetables in Lang Son trials, initial results are evaluated fairly. This tree has many fruits, red flesh, taste sweet (sugar 16-18 % ) , high levels of nutrients , vitamins and minerals … Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Institute of Vegetables allowed for private pilot plant like a large scale.

This fruit has 3 types : red flesh dragon fruit red skin , white flesh dragon fruit red skin , white flesh dragon fruit yellow skin , are Hylocereas international name , scientific name H. undatus Britton & Rose , S. Megelanthus moran . Taiwan Seed dragon has four categories :

* White and red skin + Guts : A Variety of Vietnam was brought to Taiwan in 1988.

* Gut and red skin white : Field from Mexico , was brought to Taiwan in 1995.

* Guts White + gold shell : imported from Mexico ,

* Red skin ( is present in all ).

Red flesh dragon fruits which are more adapted to light , high light , increased sugar level , appropriate temperature from 15 – 35 ° C , if the temperature below which plants will grow slower or no growth is . So take advantage of planting the south and east , where the land is flat and more light . As anti -term crops appropriate to the type of soil or rock mountain fences in rural and coastal areas , soil particles stick rate of 20 % , 40 % sand , 40 % soil particles will help the dragon fruit tree to absorpt nutrient , monthly rainfall from 50 – 100mm, the tree will grow and develop well .

Planting techniques and care

Soil and fertilizer

* With plain : Use 600 – 1000kg manure / lime powder form and adaptation, as well as other organic matter to improve soil .

* For the slopes : less than 15 degrees slope to hoe wide in lower outer side 10 – 15cm to retain water erosion .

* For land hills : Top 15 in each clump clump spacing of 2m x 2m .

* For ground limestone gravel : Each hole must have a diameter of 1 meter or more , depth 30cm , crushed stone around to using borrow 50 % , 30 % fine sand , 20 % compost and lime at powder for down hole .

* Noting herbicide with herbicide , not spray on and around the tree roots . When tree roots have been half a year , then the entire ground not use herbicide , should be to reduce grass cover up .

How to grow and care

* Planting distance : 2.5 x 2.5 m , six 5 – 10cm , pit planting pylons ( cement column may or wood ) , each hole from 4-8 seedlings around the column.

To dragon trees thrive and achieve high yields to cover up to keep careful not to damage the roots by the sun , due to waterlogging , wind storm … At the same time undercut the tree can not grow sprout and flower and fruit breaks down monitor flowering and result , each branch ought to 3-4 results . Need hot against the newly planted seedlings . Every year before the winter , when added to potassium fertilizer for plants against cold , concealed and to retain moisture , etc. ..