Song Nam Rambutan

Rambutan varieties

There are 3 varieties of rambutans in Vietnam

• Java rambutan (or Vietnam rambutan) is the most quantity and its season is whole year round. However java rambutan is so sour, not crunch and shortest shelf life (about 3 days in room condition).

Java rambutan farm

• Thai rambutan has longer airs, sweeter, more crunch, longer shelflife (5-7 days in room condition) than java rambutan.

Thai rambutan

• Sugar rambutan has shortest hairs, but most sweet. The quantity of this rambutan is not much.

Sugar rambutan

Main exportation market of Vietnamese rambutans

Rambutan is exported by plane only. Main markets of Vietnamese rambutans are USA, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Middle East, Singapore …

Packaging rambutan for USA market


Loading rambutan for USA market

Packaging of rambutans for exportation

Normal packagings of fresh rambutan for each market are differents.

• USA market: 2 kgs nett per carton.
• Europe: 1 kg nett per tray/bag, 2 trays per carton.
• Dubai & Middle East: 0.5 kg nett per tray. 2 trays per carton.
• Other markets: rambutan can be packaged as per buyer requirements.

Rambutan packaging for USA market 2kgs nett per carton

Rambutan packaging for EU market 2 trays of 1kg per box

Rambutan packaging for Dubai market

Rambutan storage

Fresh rambutan can not be stored for long time. Its shelflife is just a bout 3 days for java rambutan, sugar rambutan and 5-7 days for Thai rambutan (long hairs) with cool conditions (temperature: +15oC to +20oC). After shelflife, skin and hair will turn into black. So doing rambutan business is one of the most powerfull of selling in fruit business.

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