Song Nam longan fruit

Longan varieties

There are many varieties of longan fruit in Vietnam, but we just export Edaw longan, that thick flesh, small seed.

Edaw longan fruit for exportation

Longan farm

Packaging of longans for exportation

Normal packagings of fresh longans for each market are differents.

• Dubai & Middle East: 0.5 kg nett per tray. 2 trays per carton.
• Europe: 1 kg nett per tray/bag. 3 or 5 kg per basket.
• USA market: 0.5 kg nett per bag, 10 bags per basket 5kgs nett.
• Other markets: longans can be packaged as per buyer’s requirements: 2/3/5/10/20 kgs per basket

Long packaging for Middle East market

Longan packaging for USA market

Longan packaging with branches for USA market

Longan shelf life and main exportation markets

With a special technical treatment after harvesting, longan can last for 60 days in cool conditions. So, longan can be exported both by air or by boat.

Loading longans for air shipment to Europe

Longans are ready for irradiation for USA market

Loading longans with pallet upon sea container to USA market

Longan season

In Vietnam, longan season is almost whole year round. We can supply longan daily by air shipments or weekly by sea containers.

Song Nam longan is almost whole year round

Contact for fresh longan fruit exportation

Please feel free to contact for more discussions and quotation of Song Nam longan:
Song Nam ITD Co., Ltd.
Email: ngqduan@songnam.net
Mobile/viber/whatsapp number: +84908861168