Vietnamese Coconut Products

Total area planting Vietnam coconut products is about 140 thousand hectares, locating mainly in Ben Tre province (100 thousand hectares) and Tam Quan, Binh Dinh province (40 thousand hectares. Coconut season is whole year round in Vietnam. There are many products made of coconuts: fresh young coconut, dried coconut, desiccated coconut, shell charcoal, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut candy,coconut fiber …

Song Nam ITD are ready to work with international partners around the world to export fresh young coconut, dried coconut (husked and semi husked coconut).

Fresh young coconut

  • Product type: Xiem (Thai) coconut
  • Taste: sweet (Brix : 6%-8%)
  • Size: 700-1200g
  • Packing: 9 coconuts (mostly) or 12 coconuts per carton or as requested
  • Loading: 890 cartons ( 9 nuts) per container 20RF; 2050 cartons ( 9 nuts) per container 40HR.
  • Best storage: +20 C to +50C
  • Shelf life of fresh young coconut: 2 months (not turn black in cold temperature)
  • Season: whole year round

Product type: old dried coconutSemi husked dried coconut

  • Size: 500-1800g
  • Packing: 20/25/30 coconuts per bag
  • Loading: 1000 – 1400 bags per container 40FT.
  • Best storage: +100C to +14oC
  • Shelf life of old dried coconut: 2 months.
  • Season: whole year round

Other coconut products for exporting

Song Nam ITD also does trading other coconut products such as desiccated coconut, shell charcoal. We have good relationship with professional factories that can supply desiccated coconut and shell charcoal comply with your market requirements.

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